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Securing O365 requires more than the simple protection of inbound messages. Organisations need to detect compromised accounts, ensure their data across email and productivity apps is discoverable, highly available, and comply with regulations.

If and when a malicious email gets through their filters, organisations need adequate security measures to protect against business email compromise (BEC), phishing, and identity deception to name a few. In addition robust archiving, e-Discovery and backup solutions must be considered to ensure you meet data compliance requirements.

Organisations that are used to having robust email security are adopting complimentary email security to work alongside Office 365. This approach allows businesses to ensure that their security solution keeps up with the ever-changing nature of email security threats.


Additional security should be layered with the existing features offered by Microsoft. The extra protection works to fill the gaps where Office 365’s security falls short. There are strategies that organisations can adopt to migrate their users in stages to reflect their hybrid on-premise and cloud environment. Taking a phased approach enables companies to build up their expertise with cloud-based environments and to ensure they have secure employee usage before rolling out enterprise-wide.

If your business is about to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 or already has, it’s vital to establish the right security measures in place. Talk to the experts at InfoTrust who can guide you through an O365 Health Check to ensure you have the right level of security in place for your business.