Video: Securing the Cloud Transformation Journey

In this 45 minute session, InfoTrust and Netskope cloud security experts covered;

  • What are the new types of cloud-based threats businesses are faced with and how they can protect themselves against them?
  • When businesses make the move from on-premise to cloud proxy, what are some of the common challenges they face?
  • How can you gain visibility and control of your business’ shadow IT?
  • What are the benefits of integrating technologies across your security architecture?

InfoTrust Principal Engineer, Richard Skeldon, hosted the session and was joined by Netskope Director of Systems Engineering – APAC, Geoff Prentis and ex-CISO, David Fairman. Richard, Geoff and David all shared their insights and experiences of the cloud transformation journeys they’ve been a part of and their advice to businesses.

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