InfoTrust shares advice to businesses post Scott Morrison announcement on state-sponsored cyber attack

Following on from Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s announcement the morning of Friday 19th June. InfoTrust has provided advice to media outlets and the general public on what they, and Australian businesses, can be doing to protect themselves against cyber attacks. Although this is not new information to many organisations, who generally have a good understanding of the cyber threats they face. The key message from the announcement was that the increased frequency, and sophistication of these attacks from a state-sponsored actor against the Australian government and businesses is of concern. The advice from the Government is to ensure you remain vigilant and cautious of any digital communication and interaction online.

2GB Radio – Life and Technology expert, Charlie Brown and InfoTrust CEO, Dane Meah as they talk about the ways in which Australians can protect themselves against cyber attacks.

My Business – What businesses need to do amid a state-based cyber-attack – advice for businesses mitigating these threats.

Daily Mail Australia – What you need to do now to avoid being hacked: The simple steps that help keep you safe online as cyber attackers target Australia – advice for businesses and the general public on keeping yourself safe online.

To read InfoTrust’s advisory article click here.

You may also be interested in our Executive Summary “Responding to Cyber Attacks”, which is available for download here.