Improving Ransomware Resiliency is Crucial in Australia

Ransomware continues to pose the biggest threat that organisations face against malware attacks, with data breaches becoming an imminent reality for businesses in any industry. According to industry research Australian organisations in particular fall victim to ransomware attacks at a much higher rate than the rest of the world.

  • Australia has seen a 15% increase in ransomware cyberattacks in the last 12 months
  • Estimates indicate that a business is attacked every 11 seconds
  • It takes an average of 69 days to contain a breach
  • Data breaches cost organisations an average of $3 million
  • 73% of organisations feel they don’t have enough staff to protect themselves against current threats

When an attacker locks you out of your systems and holds your data ransom, your business is at the mercy of the attacker’s demands. The trouble with paying the ransom is that you incentivise further attacks on your network in the future.

Save your organisation from the debilitating repercussions of legal fines, reputational damage and financial costs of a ransomware attack in Australia, with InfoTrust’s award-winning and highly trusted cybersecurity technology and expert security services.

Protect your business against ransomware attacks

For most companies, upholding reliable information security is a serious drain on time, manpower and resources that are required elsewhere in the business.

From penetration testing to incident response, maintaining regulatory compliance and all the other complex and intricate duties that fall to the CISO; protecting your business against cybercrime can be overwhelming for businesses large and small.

With InfoTrust’s ransomware defence in depth strategy, your organisation gains access to a team of highly qualified experts who are committed to helping you prepare, implement, and mature your cybersecurity.

We’ll work closely alongside you to identify flaws or weaknesses in your information security controls. From here, we can improve your ransomware resiliency through email protection, endpoint security, data loss prevention and user awareness defence measures to create a comprehensive security posture.

Rather than provide a “set and forget” solution, our hardworking team delivers a comprehensive ongoing cybersecurity service that involves:

  • Cybersecurity Strategy Creation
  • Security Engineering Services
  • Penetration Testing
  • Adversary Simulation Services
  • Phishing Simulation-as-a-Service
  • Incident Response Exercises
  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Prepare, respond, and remediate ransomware attacks in Australia

At best, a cyberattack is merely a distraction, and at worst it can bring your business to its knees. If the worst should happen, InfoTrust’s tried-and-tested incident response preparation service is here to minimise the impact on your operations.

A well-designed incident response plan ensures that threats are detected at an earlier stage for the most effective defence possible, based on ISO 27001 and ISO 27035 standards. As a contingency, InfoTrust will help you develop secure backup protocols so that your organisation is able to recover data and give you the confidence that you are well prepared should disaster strike.

What do our ransomware resiliency services entail?

Following an initial consultation to determine your company’s specific needs, InfoTrust will conduct an in-depth maturity assessment. This allows our diligent team to develop a strategic plan for how to strengthen your security posture, ensure your systems align with regulatory and legal requirements, and deliver a tailored solution for optimal results.

As a trustworthy, accountable and customer-driven cybersecurity service, we conduct regular check-ins to ensure your business is receiving optimal ROI and consistent protection from ransomware attacks. Learn more about our penetration testing, data loss preventionincident response, awareness training services and integrated cybersecurity solutions.

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