Email is a powerful, low-cost communication tool that is fundamental to many business functions. However, its scalability and speed also make it a tempting prospect for cybercriminals. To secure your email ecosystem against evolving threats, a comprehensive defence strategy is needed that detects and blocks attacks, protects your brand, educates users, and ensures business continuity at all times.


Two-thirds of business-critical data is communicated via email, which makes it a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Your email gateway is the first line of defence, and it needs to protect you from everything from malicious payloads to phishing attempts. A secure email gateway can place malicious emails into quarantine, block suspicious senders and greatly reduce the number of successful compromises.


While your secure email gateway can block emails containing malicious content, it can’t always detect identity-based, targeted attacks. Social engineering tactics make phishing emails look incredibly realistic. However, our email security solutions in Australia use artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioural analytics to sort the good emails from the bad and reduce the chance of a successful breach.


When it comes to any email attack, your employees are the last line of defence. It’s a crucial role within your email ecosystem but, remarkably, 90% of people can’t identify a well-crafted phishing email from a legitimate one. To help you create awareness and build a cyber-savvy culture in your organisation, we provide a program of email security services including phishing simulations, Australian-themed videos, and interactive training.


Spoofing of your domain and brand can seriously hurt your customers. By putting others at risk, you stand to reduce email engagement and brand trust. You may also have to cover the overheads for responding to email fraud incidents. Our email authentication solutions can help you to lock down your domain and detect and take down fraudulent activity on look-alike domains.


While sent and received emails will sit passively most of the time, that doesn’t mean you don’t need them. Almost three-quarters of organisations have been ordered by a court to produce emails. If you are subject to litigation, audits, or requests, you need to know that you can find any requested data immediately. Our cloud archiving solution helps you to store a complete forensic copy of every email sent or received and to quickly find it with powerful eDiscovery capabilities.


Complying with email security regulations and standards is crucial for protecting sensitive information and maintaining trust with clients and stakeholders. It ensures that organisations are aligned with legal requirements, safeguarding against data breaches and potential legal ramifications. Effective compliance involves implementing robust security measures, regular audits, and updates to keep pace with evolving regulations.


Securing emails on mobile devices is essential in today's mobile-first world, where business is increasingly conducted on the go. Implementing strong encryption, using secure email gateways, and enforcing strict authentication protocols can help protect sensitive information. Additionally, educating users on the risks associated with mobile email communication and promoting best practices are key to mitigating potential security breaches.


As collaboration platforms become integral to business operations, ensuring the security of emails sent through these tools is paramount. Organisations must adopt security measures that include end-to-end encryption, access controls, and secure file sharing capabilities. Regular security training for users on the safe use of collaboration tools can further enhance the security of email communications.


The landscape of email security threats is constantly evolving, with cybercriminals developing more sophisticated methods to bypass traditional security measures. Staying ahead of emerging threats requires a proactive approach, incorporating advanced threat detection technologies, AI and machine learning for anomaly detection, and continuous monitoring and analysis of email traffic for potential threats.


InfoTrust serves as a comprehensive email security solution in Australia. Our email security consultants can help your organisation bolster its defences against email security threats listed above, as well as awareness training, incident response, consulting and advisory services, and penetration testing that are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.


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