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While you may have security systems and processes in place to protect your business, often the only way you discover how good they actually are is when they come under attack. However, waiting for a real attack to strike is a risky strategy. This is where penetration testing comes into play.


Penetration testing involves simulating real-world attacks, using the same techniques that malicious hackers use. This process, also referred to as web application penetration testing, is what can help you understand the real cybersecurity risk of your systems. It also gives you the opportunity to mitigate that risk and reduce the vulnerability of your business. InfoTrust provides reliable security penetration testing services in Melbourne, Sydney, and right across Australia.


Despite many companies having comprehensive security measures in place, 64% of organisations still have one or more endpoints compromised each year. With the financial and reputational risk as well as the legal requirement to adhere to security regulations, you need to know that your defences can stand up to an attack. As industry-leading pen testing consultants, our security assurance services can test and confirm your layers of defence to ensure your business is protected.


To test your defences, our team of ethical hackers will carry out information reconnaissance and then use various tactics to gain access to your systems, bypass your defences, escalate privileges and exfiltrate sensitive data. We’re constantly updating our adversary simulation and network penetration testing methods to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and cyberattack strategies.

  • Penetration testing – we test infrastructural, application, mobile and hardware components of your business from an attacker’s perspective to help you identify the risk associated with your configuration.
  • Red teaming engagements – we focus on specific scenarios that are of concern to your organisation and carry out a highly targeted assessment to test every part of your business and explore the risk of real-world threats.

After carrying out a simulated attack, we’ll provide you with a full report of how we gained access to your systems and offer recommendations to help you improve your security posture.

Our Methodology

Our penetration testing services follow a structured and strategic approach, ensuring a comprehensive and effective testing process:

Scope: A penetration test engagement includes specific asset criteria described by the customer. At this stage, we also discuss specific threat models and capture your business objectives.

Initial Access: Using information reconnaissance, social engineering, or physical access, breaching the environment as per the scope objectives.

Escalation and Lateral Movement: The initial foothold is expanded in the environment via various lateral movement techniques to explicitly bypass security defenses.

Action on Objective: Sensitive data capture and exfiltration from a controlled environment are tested during this phase.

Reporting and Debrief: A detailed report of various attack chains used to compromise, defenses found and triggered, and recommendations are given to improve your business’s security posture.


By testing your defences before your business is the subject of a real-life attack, you can:

  • Expose the effectiveness of your security controls
  • Understand the tactics and techniques used in real-world attacks
  • Identify potential attack paths
  • Remediate weaknesses that could compromise your business
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Mitigate the impact of malicious insiders

InfoTrust employs ethical hackers certified by organisations such as CREST, SANS, and Offensive Security to deliver comprehensive penetration testing services in Sydney and throughout Australia.


We can also assist with awareness training, incident response, and consulting and advisory services. Enquire about our CISO Services Retainer to leverage the support of an entire security team.

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