Top 5 Australian Energy Provider Case Study

Protecting customers against email fraud

InfoTrust’s customer is one of Australia’s leading energy retailers. They pride themselves on working every day to make energy more affordable, sustainable, smarter and easier. For their customers, who are used to relying on technology, being able to trust the emails that they receive is a must. “We’ve always focused our efforts on how to protect our company from security breaches and external attacks” said their Cyber Security Manager, “it is a continuous challenge”. 

With reputation management as a key objective and email as a primary communication channel, the customer needed to ensure its defences are effective. InfoTrust introduced themselves early in 2017 to explain how they had brought to market a new innovative technology vendor, Agari, who work to solve this problem for organisations. So, when the customer was targeted with a sophisticated phishing attack, they knew what they had to do and were able to act quickly to reduce the impact on their brand. Now they protect both their customers and their reputation with Agari Brand Protect.

The cyberattack

Six months after their initial conversation with InfoTrust the customer was hit with its first fake bill scam driving an influx of calls to their contact centres. The added volume of calls had an impact on productivity, causing the issue to be escalated to the management team. As customers flagged the messages with their email providers, security was raised as an issue. The result was that legitimate emails were then classified as spam by some providers, which in turn had an impact on the customer’s email deliverability and overall productivity.

The watershed moment

Fortunately, when the customer experienced this attack on its customers, they knew the solution. “It was a watershed moment”, explained their Cyber Security Manager, “we understood that we needed to get on top of email security, and fast”. They worked with InfoTrust to quickly set up the solution and mitigate the risk to their brand and reputation. 

The solution

“We chose Agari Brand Protect because it was simpler to understand than its counterparts”, said their Cyber Security Manager. “It was more than just the platform though, InfoTrust understood our requirements and worked with us in a way that showed their deep understanding of the solution. We chose the entire service offering. InfoTrust were able to do so much more than help us in our time of need; they are continually monitoring for us. It is easy for things to be left that don’t seem urgent but the ongoing interaction with InfoTrust has helped focus our attention.”

“Since engaging InfoTrust and Agari, we are much more aware of how to monitor situations and have assistance in working out what to do. The information that InfoTrust brings to the table, in terms of understanding traffic types, learning how to work with different mail houses and navigating technical challenges, is invaluable. Meanwhile, the Agari platform itself is very commendable; we’re able to produce technical reports easily for our executive team and act quickly based on key metrics.” The customer also leverages the Agari portal to measure their email trust level – maintaining a high trust score above the APAC region’s average.

“The InfoTrust and Agari partnership has allowed us to both gain knowledge and to be knowledgeable ourselves about what needs to be done.

The future

The customer is confident that they can now effectively combat issues like the fake bill scam. The monitoring solutions offered by InfoTrust and Agari Brand Protect allow them to be much more proactive in managing the bad, the threat of attack.

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