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Email was born out of innovation, creating a way for people to communicate with one another instantly and for free. However, email was not created with security in mind, and IT professionals have been trying to stop cybercriminals from exploiting its vulnerabilities ever since its inception.

The first iteration of this was Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which allowed businesses to publish authorised servers that can send mail on their behalf. Then we had DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) – this is where a signature is added to the header of emails that are sent on behalf of the business that is enforcing it, essentially securing it with encryption.

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting (DMARC) goes one step further and brings these security measures together, providing the best result to mitigate the threat of domain spoofing. By creating a DMARC record, businesses can:

  • Authenticate their legitimate mail, including their own domains and even third-party ones.
  • Choose how any illegitimate mail is received by inboxes, how it is delivered and potentially disposed of.
  • Gain visibility of all the domains that are trying to purport to be their brand


DMARC is the only solution that enables internet-scale email protection and prevents fraudulent use of their domains. By using DMARC, companies gain unprecedented visibility into the legitimate and fraudulent use of their domains. This enhanced visibility enables them to protect their customers, employees, and brands from email-based cybercrime.

The overall impact on companies that have adopted DMARC is the preservation of brand equity, elimination of customer support costs related to email fraud, and renewed trust and engagement in the company’s email channel.


Sydney-based and providing DMARC solutions for businesses right across Australia, InfoTrust has helped many Australian businesses on their DMARC journey. Organisations from top-tier banks, federal government, and leading energy providers have all employed InfoTrust and Agari’s services and DMARC expertise to ensure their domains are authenticated and capable of reaching p=reject with minimum business disruption.

To find out more about InfoTrust’s leading email fraud protection and DMARC solutions for business, please contact us today. We also provide efficient and reliable endpoint security, cloud security, penetration testing and awareness training services.