CIO Article: Australia’s Gate ‘Wide Open’ For Email Spoof Attacks Says Infotrust

Stephanie Gray
May 11, 2017


Infotrust has recently completed research that shows Australia’s leading businesses and government agencies are leaving their email fraud defences wide open to attacks. Of the 7,393 Australian companies Infotrust surveyed, only 40 (0.5% of the total number) have an effective DMARC (domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance) record.

DMARC is an open email authentication standard that effectively locks down and organisation’s domains. Thus making it impossible for a fraudulent third party to send email purporting to be that domain. Infotrust believes that many organisations see DMARC as a difficult or unnecessary use of resources to complete, hence the low uptake. However, when fully enforced to reject and coupled with a solution such as Agari Brand Protection, the results can be very powerful for companies.

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