Exciting Announcement: MyCISO is here

After nearly a year purely focused on MyCISO in ‘stealth mode’ I’m absolutely thrilled to share we have done it! We have created the World's first SaaS application that will vastly simplify security management for all.

Our website (www.myciso.co) is live and we are in the final throes of internal beta before we invite customers to use the platform.

The MyCISO platform will launch with 2 main products:

  1. MyCISO Security CultureTM – a streamlined, automated security culture platform that starts with developing a strategy, then automates the execution over months and years, combining e-learning, attack simulation, staff engagement collateral and events. It completely rethinks what it takes to create security awareness.
  2. MyCISO AssessTM – choose from a variety of globally and locally recognised frameworks to complete a control maturity assessment and risk scenario assessment, before harnessing those inputs to create a powerful Security Improvement StrategyTM (SIS). The strategy will provide the insights to uplift your security in the areas that drive the greatest risk-mitigation impact.

MyCISO will also enable Providers (IT providers, holding companies or cyber-insurers) a consolidated platform to support their many entities and sub-entities on their cyber security improvement journey.

I couldn’t be more excited about showing you the fruits of 3+ years of hard work. If you’d like to attend the launch event and/or register for the early release program, please register your interest here.

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