Executive Summary: Protecting Against Different Types of Cyber Incidents

With our growing awareness of the threat of cyber incidents, it would be easy to assume that we must have built up the necessary defences to protect our businesses. However, our increasing reliance on technology, while bringing enormous business advantages, increases our vulnerability, expanding the attack surface. Attackers are constantly adapting their methods and have learnt to use the likes of data mining and artificial intelligence to find new entryways into our systems. So, while the technology that we use today creates huge business advantages, it also creates new security risks.

As cyber incidents become a top priority for our businesses, the first step is awareness. When it comes to protecting our businesses from these threats, it is vital that we are aware of the different types of incidents and how our adversaries operate so we can be better placed to prevent them from occurring. The next step is taking measures to stop them and know how we’ll respond if an attack takes place. In this guide, we’ll talk through the five main types of cyber incidents, how they take place, the tactics used and key preventative measures that you can take to help improve your security, reduce your risk and minimise the severity of an attack if it happens.

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