Game Changer Alert: CrowdStrike $1M Breach Prevention Warranty

Dane Meah
June 12, 2018


Last week EDR vendor, CrowdStrike, announced the launch of its next-generation endpoint security breach prevention warranty.


CrowdStrike stands so strongly behind its breach protection capabilities that they have established a warranty of up to $1 million if a breach occurs within the protected environment, for customers of EPP Complete, one of their top product bundles.

Organisations are used to the financial onus falling on themselves in the event that their security product fails to protect them – even if the breach occurs to a fault in the solution. Other industries have long offered product warranties to assure customers that the products they purchase will function as advertised, but this is the first time within the cyber security industry that a vendor has offered this.

CrowdStrike have, for want of a better expression, put their money where their mouth is.


One of the unfortunate parts about our role as a security partner is we see the cases where businesses suffer a breach and have to deal with the consequences. These breaches are often costly in terms of money, time and resources.

Infotrust sees this as a great step forward and fantastic innovation from a leading vendor such as CrowdStrike to take. With cyber security breaches dominating the headlines weekly, introducing this kind of accountability to the industry benefits businesses and their consumers alike.

The warranty includes coverage for;

  • incident response
  • legal fees
  • notification
  • credit monitoring
  • forensic investigation
  • and public communications expenses

The warranty is provided at no extra cost and is structured in a very simple and transparent way for customers.

Many businesses will welcome the news as extra coverage to replace or augment their existing Cyber Security Insurance, which at the least may lend to reduce current premiums or for those that do not have cover in place, will provide this much-needed cover.


Well, as with many warranties, they are usually created with a degree of certainty that the likelihood of a claim is low. If you find that you are breached, you have cover, but more importantly CrowdStrike are extremely confident that the breach won't happen in the first place! So this really is a win-win situation and something I applaud CrowdStrike for doing!

Infotrust is a CrowdStrike partner, so we are thrilled by the news. If you would like to find out more about Infotrust’s Threat Detection and Response offering, which includes CrowdStrike’s EPP Complete services, reach out to one of our Cyber Security Representatives on +61 2 9221 5555.