How does The Salvation Army mitigate cyber risk?

Faced with a range of challenges from emerging cybersecurity threats to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Not-For-Profit Organisations in particular, are being tested on how they deal with the evolving threat landscape. The Salvation Army’s recent implementation of InfoTrust’s Incident Response Retainer Services prompted Justin Flower, InfoTrust’s Southern Region – General Manager to interview Lachlan McGill, Salvation Army’s Executive Manager of Cybersecurity to gain some insight on how their organisation operates from a cybersecurity standpoint.

“A great culture is about much more than stopping staff clicking on phishing emails, it’s about bringing the organisation on the cybersecurity journey and having everyone push that carriage along the tracks instead of the security team doing it by themselves. Read up on it and engage external help. A change in culture takes time and energy but is well worth it.” Said McGill.

To read the full interview between Justin and Lachlan click here. To find out more about our Incident Response Services click here.

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