InfoTrust and Airlock Digital Partner Together to Elevate Cybersecurity Posture for ANZ Organisations

InfoTrust is thrilled to announce our partnership with Airlock Digital, joining forces to deliver cutting-edge solutions and protection to organisations against evolving cyber threats.

By combining InfoTrust's deep knowledge and expertise across core security domains including; email, endpoint, network and cloud, with Airlock Digital's innovative application allowlisting technology, the partnership will provide improved cyber resilience to ANZ organisations across all industries. 

Proactive Protection - Customers can expect a cybersecurity solution that proactively protects against malware, ransomware and zero day attacks.

Adaptive Defense – Airlock Digital’s purpose-built workflows enable organisations of all maturity levels to maintain long-term effective allowlisting strategies.

Efficiency and Simplicity – Flexible product architecture that allows deployment on premise or in the cloud, combined with intuitive product workflows that enable IT staff to effectively manage day-to-day operations.

This strategic partnership between InfoTrust and Airlock Digital offers organisations a shield against the ever-evolving challenges of the digital landscape. Together, the two companies are committed to securing a safer digital future for businesses worldwide.

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About InfoTrust and Airlock Digital

InfoTrust is a specialised cybersecurity practice that provides a consulting led approach and cutting-edge solutions to its customers, enabling them to navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats confidently. 

InfoTrust has consistently demonstrated its commitment to empowering businesses with robust and innovative security solutions. With a rich history of delivering exceptional services, InfoTrust has become synonymous with trust, reliability, and technological prowess.

Australian based cybersecurity company, Airlock Digital, delivers forward thinking endpoint protection solutions which enable organisations to implement rapid, scalable allowlisting and execution control.

Through fist-hand understanding of the operational challenges in cybersecurity, intimate industry experience and an intuitive solution set, Airlock Digital is positioned as the leading commercial allowlisting vendor.