InfoTrust at Tonights ARN Innovation Awards – Customer Value Finalist

I’m excited to be attending tonights awards ceremony where InfoTrust have been nominated as a finalist (in the Customer Value category) at the 2019 ARN Innovation Awards.

This recognition is particularly sweet for the InfoTrust team; a validation of the relentless focus we have towards Customer Value, or as we prefer to call it, “Customer Love”. From our inception, the focus has always been on driving customer value through an engagement model we refer to as “The InfoTrust Way”. 

Good luck to the other finalists across all categories tonight and we can’t wait to hear your stories over a few bevs later tonight! Also thanks to Agari and Return Path for their help in delivering this great customer outcome.

Here’s some of the background to our submission that saw us become a finalist:

In May 2017, our customers in the energy sector were facing serious brand attacks; from sending fake invoices to Australian citizens’ personal mailboxes, to malicious attempts at phishing their credentials. The rise of these attacks saw the Australian public have their home PC’s infected with ransomware and be cheated out of thousands of dollars in fraudulent invoices. Not only was this was devastating to the Australian public, but to our customers as well, with their brand being smashed. Their name was in the media – but for all the wrong reasons. The malfeasant cherry on top? Mailbox providers were blocking legitimate emails from our customers.

InfoTrust’s solution to this problem was a managed service that leverages our Secure Email Ecosystem technology stack – made up of Agari Brand Protection and the Return Path Email Deliverability Suite.

  1. Agari Brand Protection is used by the world’s largest brands, to protect their domains from mis-use by fraudsters. The SaaS platform correlates data generated from the DMARC framework, an Email Authentication control that combines SPF and DKIM authentication to prevent email fraud.
  2. Return Path Email Deliverability Suite – this solution optimises the delivery of email by coaching a company on important sender hygiene and also raising the trust score and eventually white-listing of their domains with mailbox providers. InfoTrust supported the implementation and ongoing success of these solution, with weekly calls with the customer to continue to fine tune their outcomes.

Over a 12-month period of regular engagement with InfoTrust Email experts, this solution exacted three major outcomes for our customers:

  1. Completely stopped the ability for fraudsters to spoof our customers’ email domains, thereby protecting the Australian public from malicious emails hitting their inbox.
  2. Dramatically improved our customers’ email deliverability and reputation with the major mailbox providers, meaning their invoices successfully delivered to the inbox and not the spam folder. This resulted in our customers being paid on time and protected their customers from the risk of disconnection.
  3. Prevented inbound spear phishing originating from our customers’ domains, reducing the risk for other internal security incidents such as wire-fraud, malware and accidental data breach.

Wish us luck tonight and look forward to seeing our industry peers at the bar!

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