InfoTrust CEO, Dane Meah, Featured in 40 Under 40 Innovators Award

InfoTrust, CEO, Dane Meah has been named in Analytics Insight’s 40 Under 40 Innovators Award.

Dane was recognised for creating “The InfoTrust Way” to secure organisations and improve customer experience.

When speaking to Analytics Insight, Dane explained the origins of the customer engagement model.

“Organisations had grown weary of oversold solutions that rarely lived up to their hype, often due to poor implementations, with those illusive return on investment figures quoted by the sales rep rarely eventuated. At the same time, IT Leaders were expected to be business enablers and demanded technology “as a service” that was less onerous to manage. Many vendors and service providers offered a transactional relationship, where once the licenses were shipped, the customer was on their own. InfoTrust led by CEO Dane Meah developed an engagement model centered around continuous improvements, to take the customers hand and guide them towards correct implementation, higher return on investment and ultimately being more secure.

This approach resonated with the market and led to InfoTrust acquiring more than 300 customers in its first 3 years, winning various awards in the process. Now InfoTrust has over 30 staff, with offices in Australia and the Philippines.”

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