Salvation Army invests in Incident Response Services with InfoTrust

Salvation Army has augmented its cybersecurity capabilities by investing in InfoTrust’s Incident Response Retainer Services. This service supports the Salvation Army security team in responding to cyber incidents, reducing the potential risk of damage and breaches. InfoTrust’s consultants assist in finding the root cause of a security incident, provide containment and subsequent remediation advice.

“I considered the services because in the event of a major cybersecurity incident, it’s critically important we have forensic cyber experts on board to help us not only in remediation of the issue but also to assist in determining how the incident occurred and what other potential damage may have been caused that we are unaware of.” Said Lachlan McGill, Executive Manager Cybersecurity at Salvation Army.

Justin Flower, InfoTrust’s Southern Region – General Manager said “We’re thrilled to be able to support the cybersecurity needs of a business like the Salvation Army, providing them with peace of mind that if a cyber incident should occur, they have experts on hand to help. This allows the Salvation Army to keep focus on all the good work that they do for the Australian public on a daily basis.”

To find out more about our Incident Response Services click here. You may also be interested in our Video “Breaking Down Incident Response”, which is available to view here.

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