The Infotrust Way – Ongoing Customer Love

Dane Meah
July 2, 2018


Article updated 4th April 2023

Anyone that has spent a bit of time with me or the awesome Team at Infotrust, has probably heard us talk about “The Infotrust Way” and being “Customer Driven”. The Infotrust Way is the term we have coined for the ongoing Customer Love we deliver that helps our customers become secure and more productive. “Customer Driven” is customer service on steroids… exchanging in abundance… or simply doing way more than the customer expected.

So, what is The Infotrust Way?

Infotrust was founded in 2014 to bridge a gap in the way cyber security was being delivered. Organisations demanded more technology “as a service” but what most vendors and service providers offered was a transactional relationship. This meant two things were happening and neither were good:

  1. Organisations would acquire more and more technology and vainly attempt to integrate and manage these. Solutions were often poorly implemented, reducing their ROI and reduced the level of protection over time as the threat landscape shifted or business needs changed; OR
  2. There were false expectations that moving a control from on-premise to SaaS (even when professionally implemented to best practice), but then leave these controls largely in ‘set and forget’. Any good CISO will tell you ‘set and forget’ is a dangerous strategy!

The days of customers seeing value in working with transactional suppliers are over!

In week one of business my co-founder Simon McKay and I began to map out each stage of the customer relationship and documented where value could be added. This long list started to take shape in the form of a continuous cycle, we now call The Infotrust Way.

The model breaks down to 4 stages, but many customers we speak to acknowledge that many of their suppliers operate mainly in Procurement. I.e. transactionally sell the technology but little more value is added.

Having worked for many years in both vendors and partners, I believe that merely being transactional (which I include those offering to up-sell Professional Services in that) is a criminal act.

Most technology has a significant recurring cost, so it literally pays to ensure customers remain happy. Yet, so many tech suppliers operate in a transactional way, or worse try to charge extra for the support a customer actually needs. The intention of The Infotrust Way is to uplift ROI from investments made with Infotrust and ultimately create secure and more productive clients.

Infotrust customers receive a variety of complimentary services and engagements – to find out more, speak to me or one of our team today!