Video: Preventing and Mitigating a Ransomware Incident In Your Organisation

In June 2023, InfoTrust hosted the "Preventing and Mitigating a Ransomware Incident In Your Organisation" webinar.

It's not surprising that the risks and consequences of cyber attacks are a key concern for Australian organisations. In fact, almost half of Australian data breaches in the second half of 2022 resulted from either ransomware, compromised credentials or phishing*. With these alarming trends expected to continue to rise, how can security professionals build more resilient security and enhance risk management?

In this session, Our InfoTrust experts looked at:

  • How to uncover possible vulnerabilities within your organisation
  • Cybersecurity from a GRC Perspective
  • Cutting-edge technologies to help you stay ahead of today's cyber threats

*Notifiable Data Breaches Report (July to December 2022)

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