Video: Risk, Compliance, and Cyber Threat Protection in the Healthcare Sector

In September 2023, InfoTrust hosted the "Risk, Compliance, and Cyber Threat Protection in the Healthcare Sector" webinar.

The threat landscape within Australia is continually evolving and critical infrastructure entities including the Healthcare sector are consistently being targeted by both state and criminal cyber actors. In fact, the health sector remains the top reporter of data breaches making up 15% of all notifications*. This has called for the Healthcare sector to adapt its risk management strategies to ensure threats to the operation of assets are being aptly captured and mitigated. 

However, risk management in healthcare is a complex set of clinical and administrative systems, processes, procedures, and reporting structures that need to comply with the SOCI obligations and more. Given the recent national importance placed on the healthcare industry, how can security professionals develop good risk management practices that adhere to compliance requirements?

*Notifiable Data Breaches Report: January to June 2023

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