The Ultimate Guide to Secure Endpoint

*Updated 31st August 2022

Data breaches are one of the biggest threats that businesses face – in the first quarter of 2019 an astonishing 1.9 billion data records had been compromised worldwide. The financial implications of a data breach can be catastrophic to a business, as can the reputation fallout and impact on consumer confidence that results.

What’s more, the rising number of attacks isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon and with the huge financial rewards on offer cybercriminals’ methods are increasing in sophistication. Legacy AV solutions are no longer enough to ‘prevent’ malware and malware-free attacks – organisations need to implement a holistic security approach to protect, detect and remediate.

In this guide, InfoTrust outlines the 6 key areas any organisation needs to consider in order to create a holistic endpoint security strategy.

  1. Next Generation Anti-Virus
  2. Endpoint Detection & Response
  3. Incident Response Services
  4. Threat Intelligence
  5. Threat Hunting
  6. Vulnerability Management

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